14Si Solutions Inc

14Si Solutions are an "Applications Engineering as a Service" focused Start-up providing a niche, end-to-end services platform to Identify, Quantify, Trace and Mitigate contamination at its source.

14Si Solutions leverage their more than two decades of background in the 4M's (Materials, Metrology, Manufacturing & Methodology) of contamination control to improve products from and processes at component, chemical and tool suppliers, to further enable semiconductor device manufacturers.

Get to know the founders
Ashutosh Bhabhe 
Vipin Hatmode

MeuKron Technologies

MeuKron is a manufacturing-innovation company developing alternative microfabrication technologies, catering to our customer's needs for reduced fabrication time and cost of Microfluidic devices and MEMS packaging.

MeuKron's  current product is material agnostic in nature and is being used as a Prototyping Platform and for producing micro-patterns on Glass Wafers. Ceramics, Polymers and other substrates.

Get to know the founders
Neeraj Bagi


Agnit Semiconductors is deep-tech startup from the Indian Institute of Science, offering Gallium Nitride (GaN) components for next-generation communication networks for 5G, and efficient power switches for electric vehicle fast charging, etc. Agnit’s team has 100 years of experience in developing GaN solutions from materials-to-devices-to-systems.

Get to know the founders
Srinivasan Raghavan
Rangarajan Muralidharan
Hareesh Chandrasekar
Digbijoy Nath
Mayank Shrivastava
Shankar Kumar Selvaraja
Madhusudan Atre


Theranautilus is a hardware company specializing in instruments for fabricating nanorobots, safe deployment of nanorobots in living systems, and mechanisms to maneuver them to their target inside the body remotely. Our system would be capable of reaching greater depths within the dentinal tissues to target bacterial colonies that are out of reach with the current state of the art tools.

Get to know the founders
Debayan Dasgupta
Ambarish Ghosh
Shanmukh Srinivas


INFAB is a foundry service aimed at making MEMS-based devices available for everyone - “From students to a practicing engineer to research labs to start-ups to MNCs engaged in MEMS-based activities”. We envision “MEMS for everyone” and are motivated to benefit our users at large by providing microfabrication of MEMS and Microfluidic devices at affordable cost with quick turn-around time. The services help the users with technical supports such as design feasibility, characterization and packaging.

Get to know the founders
Sudhanshu Shekhar
Muthuraman Swaminathan


A first of its kind - disruptive device that can handle biological problems and material science problems in fluid in real-time at the single-molecule level. We call this device UNanoD – Universal Nanofluidic Devices. UNanoD will be a standard (like USB) that will be established with existing specifications for various optical microscopes, electron microscopes, and electronics to interface between one nanoscopic measurement device to another.

Get to know the founders
Siddharth Ghosh
Moumita Ghosh
Mohan Rao


SuperQ is a world leader in superconducting device technology that is building commercial scale applications in state-of-the-art superconducting devices technology

Get to know the founders
Nagendra Nagaraja
Aswanth Krishnan


Densepower focuses on tailoring the microstructure to multiply the performance of the re-engineered materials for the below applications:

• Non-polluting power generation using local fuels. High density power conversion device using solid oxide membrane electrolyte by engineering triple phase boundary

• Zeolite materials for gas separation including medical oxygen concentrators

Technology : Engineered nanomaterials

Domain : Green energy

Get to know the founders
Rathindra Nath Das
Purushottam Joshi


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