From LAb-to-market: INCeNSE PROVIDES the best launchpad

With the birth of every great idea is also born the challenge of translating that idea into a market ready product. Access to deep resources, ace acceleration programs and an innovative community of experts is at the heart of any successful transformation.

Funded by the Govt of Karnataka and birthed and housed at the Centre of Nanoscience and Engineering, INCeNSE provides the best incubation for startups in nanotechnology and deep science.

Access to state-of-the-art labs and fabrication facility that are teeming with the best technologists and faculty with deep domain knowledge will ensure the journey of your nano idea catches the right business pace.


To be the pioneer in global Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology based incubator ecosystems


To be launch pad in the domain of deep Nanoelectronics and Nanoscience technologies & systems ​


1. To respect Intellectual Properties with discipline and integrity at all times​.​
2. To value and respect individual professionals and expertise​.​
3. To push forward ecosystem support to people with merit in their technology and business.​
4. To value process driven operations and decision making system that ensures entities of merit get all benefits.​


Infrastructure support
• Meeting Room
• Workspace
• Connectivity through Telephone and broadband
• Administrative support

Lab facilities for prototype development
• Fabrication
• Characterization
• Assembly and packaging
• System development
• Other specialized labs

• Technical
• Business
• IP/patent Strategy

• Company Formation
• Webpage building
• IP Strategy & Patent filing
• Connection to grant agencies, angel investors, VCs
• Networking with stakeholders
• Access to tradeshows
• Demodays
• Market Research
• Facility Usage


At present, INCeNSE helps and provides support to entrepreneurs and start-ups in the broad area of nanotechnology. The scope covers the wide spectrum including but not limited to nano materials, devices, sensors and actuators, microfluidics, lab-on-chip devices, drug delivery systems, nano-biotechnology, bio-sensors and biomolecular interactions, neuro-electronics, photonics, lasers, nano IoT. Some of the research areas of CeNSE are listed below:

Electronics – GaN technology & post silicon technologies
Materials – III Nitrides & metal oxides
MEMS/NEMS – Sensors & actuators
Microfluidics – Lab-on-chip devices & nano-swimmers for drug delivery
Nano-Biotechnology – Bio-sensors & biomolecular interactions
Neuro-Electronics – Neuronal networks & hybrid systems
Photonics – Optical sensing, communication & lasers
Nano IoT and nano IIoT


InCeNSE provides access to lab facilities at CeNSE for prototype development, including fabrication, characterization, assembly and packaging, system development.

The centre has been built around three central facilities:
The National Nano Fabrication Centre (NNfC)
The Micro and Nano Characterization Facility (MNCF)
Systems Engineering & Packaging

All these are national user facilities, i.e. they are accessible to outside academic and industrial users. Supporting the central facilities are the MEMS and IC Packaging and many other functionally distinct laboratories managed by various research groups.


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